Hospitalist Program


At Cedar Point Health, we care for our patients in the hospital. As board certified internists, we developed and maintain the hospitalist program at Montrose Memorial Hospital. We are on-call 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Our physicians deliver outstanding inpatient care and coordinate post-hospitalization care to ensure appropriate follow-up. Our patients experience shorter lengths of stay and they report exceptional patient-physician communication.

The physicians from Cedar Point Health also take an active role at the Montrose Memorial Hospital by serving on the following committees:

Dr. Michael Brezinsky

  • Bylaws Committee, Chair
  • Continuing Medical Education, Vice Chair
  • Fall Clinics Committee, Chair
  • Medical Committee

 Dr. Timothy Eldridge

  • Credentials Committee
  • Quality Council

 Dr. Bryan Gieszl

  • Medical Committee
  • Peer Review Oversight Committee

 Dr. Tierney Lake

  • Medical Committee
  • Physician Recruitment/Retention

 Dr. Bryce Lokey

  • Information Technology Committee, Vice Chair

 Dr. Justin Tanner

  • Nutrition Committee